vineri, 23 noiembrie 2012


I'm Ema
I used to be...
then i started to notice things
I didn't have...
many friends
expensiv things
my body wasn't perfect
I really hated my face
when people started talking
it made my cry...A LOT
8th grade things got harder...
the hardest year of my LIFE
people talked...
"she's ugly"
"she's weird"
"she's to skinny"
it hurt...A LOT
then the most painful things were said...
"kill yourself"
"everybody hates you"
"go die"
Freshman year...
new school
new people
new life
at first everything was fine
people were really nice with me
things have improved..
I began to make new friends
they started telling me :
"why you dress like that"
"why you keep saying stupid things"
"why you don't stop talking"
it hurt A LOT
I started thinking that the first months were fake
at the end of the year things have improved little by little
I started talking again with people
I have made new friends
and at school my grades have improved
10th grade they started again
Now they continue to say mean things
I can handle it
of course it's hurting
I try not to pay attention